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We are a trusted IT partner for public and private organizations. For the last 30 years we have been designing, implementing, and maintaining technology that supports business in digital transformation.

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Software production, implementation and maintenance

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Banking & finance

We work with global banks and brokerage houses, participating in the most challenging projects. We implement and maintain core and transactional systems, support mandatory reports and perform security audits. We build modern customer acquisition and retention channels supporting financial institutions to make sales of products and services more efficient.

Sygnity has received certification from Hellios Information confirming we have satisfied all requirements to become fully registered on the FSQS supplier qualification system.

Our expert
Maksymilian Baranowski


Payment Hub

Payment Hub allows not only to centralize managing of all payment, messages and settlements within the bank, but also to automate the processes of preparing, sending and receiving payments (both inter-branch and inter-bank).

At the same time, it increases the security of the processes through the option of flexible definition of control points, adjusted to the expectations of users.

MT/MX Converter

MT/MX Converter enables parallel conversion of messages between SWIFT MT and SWIFT MX formats to SWIFT, SORBNET2 and TARGET2 systems, compliant with XML ISO 20022 standard.

It is an independent application, cooperating with the most popular application servers and relational database management systems in banking. It can be implemented as a stand-alone module or be part of a comprehensive Payment Hub solution.


FlexiFee is a system supporting banks and other financial institutions in finding more effective and convenient ways of developing optimal pricing policies, strengthening retention of existing customers, more effective acquisition of new customers and, as a result, generating additional revenue.


FlexiMatch is a modern system which effectively supports the process of reconciliation of Nostro accounts and suspense accounts. Additionally, it considerably facilitates their monitoring and reporting.

FlexiMatch allows to define not only rules for automatic and semi-automatic reconciliations including value dates, references and amounts,
but also additional references created automatically on the basis of selected transaction features.


Our solutions support logistical processes at industrial plants and cost-effective utility management, including forecasting of energy demand and RES generation, remote measurement of data acquisition and management of data management .

Our expert
Grzegorz Koronowski



The Janus platform enables effective and fully automated vehicle management within an industrial plant and a comprehensive implementation of all logistics processes.

It helps to reduce losses caused by ineffective traffic control on the plant premises, improves communication with drivers, as well as the loading and unloading process.

Our expert
Marcin Treder



The PetroBusiness system enables companies in the fuel industry to effectively manage fleet contracts, automates and speeds up transaction settlements and invoicing, and allows to manage both global and card contracts in real time, thanks to a direct connection with terminals at the stations.


We offer tools for managing capacity obligations, exchanging information on the energy market and for generating forecasts for utility demand and RES generation. Our systems support effective (and remote) acquisition of gauging data and its management, as well as management of network assets, real estate and workforce.

Our expert
Michał Drygała


Sygnity Forecast

Sygnity Forecast is a forecasting system, which – using available data (such as historical and weather data as well as additional variables) – creates forecasts for utility demand in different time frames, depending on the need.

Sygnity Forecast uses algorithms both based on classical and statistical forecasting methods and Machine Learning.

Digital transformation

Sygnity has been creating the Polish IT ecosystem for over thirty years. We have developed over eighty products for banking, insurance, utilities, and government. We are over nine hundred IT specialists, Product Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and more.

Our expert
Tomasz Gibas


What we do?

We are here to address Digital Agencies’ requirements for their needs in building their innovative ideas based on the newest technologies. Our Digital Transformation Partnership Program was designed to help you and your clients achieve fast results when delivering IT projects. We are based in Poland / Europe which has become one of the biggest hubs for IT services for the biggest of enterprises.

We are an experienced delivery partner with over thirty years of practice in project and product development. We will help you drive your success by setting up the dedicated teams to deliver your projects on time.

We have designed and created over eighty products of our own. We have gained great experience over the last thirty years, helping clients address the crucial business problems and solve them with technology.

We are based in Central Eastern Europe; we help our clients 24/7. We help Polish enterprises, governmental institutions, and the biggest Polish banks. We understand the importance of business-critical systems and why they should work without any disruptions.

We support our clients with IT specialists as an outsourcing partner helping them boost their delivery speed. We plan and deliver full teams that are able to support our clients for years.

Besides great experience in regular technologies like Java, .NET, JSS, PHP and couple of others we have certified our technical staff with many recognized frameworks, cloud providers, ERP, CRM and Enterprise CMS platforms producers.

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